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Well I traded in my 2000 yellow convertible w/13k miles and got my 2001 Z06 blk./torch red interior. I love the car so far.

I think I got a good deal. It was previously titled to someone that lives in the carribean the majority of the time so he never drove it. It had 300 miles on it, chrome Z06 wheels, and window tint. I paid $46k plus they beat everybody in town on my trade in.

I will be changing my username since I have a deposit on my 95 SALEEN S351-R. I'll be down to my 2000 F-350 CUSTOM DUALLY POWERSTROKE and 2001 Z06.
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your gonna love that car,good luck and
enjoy it.
Cooool, & welcome to the "Z" Club. ...even with the "F" name!:)

[...although I don't get busted for the "H" name!:)]
Congrats!! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_cool.gif

If you need help posting a few pics, just send them my way and we will get them posted!!
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Congrats and best of luck with your car. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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I got mine a couple of weeks ago...have about 600 miles on it...have owned Vetts since 1977...this car is awsome. Congratulations...
Hey guys thanks for all the welcomes. How does everybody like my new username?

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