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I like the the new Topic Names!!! - NTF

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NTF=No Text Follows. Okay so I am adding text. But that is because I was just asked what the Heck is NTF, so if you knew sorry and if you didn't , well now you know.
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I like the new names too
GrandStand and Pits, cool, vote to keep these!

Bob Hardt
00 Mallett 396 HARDTop
01 Corvette Z06 Speedway White w/red trimmed int.
C5Reg NCM Ambassador
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New names......... a big thumbs up.

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01 Z06 - No time slips yet
92 RS ProStreet Camaro - Best E.T to date 10.15 @ 136 mph (all throttle no bottle)
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This site gets better not every day but every hour!!!, keep up the great work JC!

Dave Zehak
2001 Black ZO6
Best 1/4(so far) 12.5 at 112
B&M Ripper Shifter
RM racing Nitrous(not installed yet)
"Previous Vettes
1985 white Corvette coupe(auto)
1998 Silver Corvette coupe (M-6)
2000 NBM Corvette Coupe (M-6)
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JC is definitely a creative guy!!!!!!1


2001 Torch Red Z06
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