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I ran a Carfax for you and tried to send you email per your address in your post. Came back "undeliverable".
Anyway, Carfax looks clean.
Original sale 04-09-01--private--Dyer, TN.;
12-29-03--Service at Humboldt Chrysler--Himboldt, TN--mileage--67,360
01-06-04--Dealer inventory--listed for sale
01-28-04--Humboldt Chrysler--vehicle sold
02-03-04--Humboldt Chrysler--vehicle serviced
02-23-04--sold--mileage listed at 67,500
03-24-06--Gary Matthews Motors--Clarksville, TN--vehicle serviced--mileage--106,450
If you need further info, let me know.
[email protected]
1 - 5 of 5 Posts