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At times the IAT could be too high or low causing the PCM to adjust fuel trims and engine timing that is not the best for performance.

In part fooling the PCM by having something take the place of the IAT sensor you can replace the real intake temp value with a resistance value that converts to a temp degree that PCM thinks is the real value and adjusts from that.

The circuit I have designed, built and tested can can seen at:

This allows you to dial in value in realtime you want as example instead of the real IAT being let's say 140 degrees, you turn the dial and tell PCM it is 60 degrees.

You can build this for less then $15
(or free if you have the few parts /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

Happy Hacking ...

'99 Mallett 450 MN6

Best time slip: 12.5 at 120 MPH - 60 Foot at 1.9 using street tires
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