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Hi. Just sharing my news. I got in my ‘04 C5 Z06 one day and the key would not go into the ignition switch. Tied the second key with same result. Tried harder and key went in but would not turn. Same with key two. Played a bit and noticed the key was not in all the way. Played more, got it in, car started. I went along happily for weeks of infrequent covid-limited use.

Got in another day, turned key and nothing. Dash lit up, battery seemed ok. Tried battery charger. Tried jump starting it. Nothing. Tried to do what the SM said but couldn’t make progress. I keep it in the garage so had to push it out to jack it up, crawl under, and determine that the wiring all looked good. Relays all seemed good. I thought I could hear the click the SM said the security relay made from under the passenger feet area. Now it was stuck on out of the garage. Slight uphill, no wench, small wife, no help.

Finally had it towed to my local guy. He said I had to take it to Chevy. They charged me $1k to diagnose and replace the ignition switch. I guess all that key trouble was the switch falling to pieces, slowly.

So if you get similar issues you might just try the switch. I guess you can buy one for $100, maybe, if the replacement is possible for you
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