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I don't believe the ones in the Eckler's catalog are the stick-on type. I am pretty sure what you order there are the full duct assembly. They may also offer the stick on type, I don't know. However, the rear duct pictures in the Ecklers magazine are those of my car. The pictures were taken when Eckler's had their 21st anniversary gathering back in October. I had my car on display up front (there were only 3 other Z06s there out of several hundred vettes); a lady from their graphics group saw it and asked if she could take some pictures for their magazine and web site. So, when you see those ducts on that QS, you know they are mine.
My Z06 got a lot of attention those 2 days, a lot of pictures too. I met hundreds of really nice people there, vette owners and those who were just vette admirers. I am looking forward to this years gathering. I guess those of us who took deliery early know how much excitement the Z06 generated when enthusiasts would see your car. It still does but it was even more amazing 9 months ago.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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