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I'm ready to video tape some Z06 performance runs for this forum; advice sought

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I've got a digital video camera (3 CCD, no less) and all the digital video software I need.

I've practiced my 1/4 mile runs and can consistently run in the mid 12's, at around 113-115. I've practiced 0-60 runs and can do them in 4.5-4.9 pretty consistently. 60-0 times depend more on road surface and temperature.

Now I'd like to video tape some of this stuff and maked it available to this forum. So I'm looking for some advice.

I've tried duct taping my camera to the dash, and you get a pretty good view out the dash, but you can't see the driver or shifting at all. What kind of view would you most like to see for this sort of thing?

Should I try mounting the camera just behind the seats so you can see the driver? If so, I'll need to drill something I think (or maybe enough duct tape might work). You could also see my G-Tech in action, which might be pretty cool.

I also want to video tape some runs on some mountain passes.

Any advice on angles, camera techniques, the frame size I mix it down to, stereo vs. mono sound, frame rate, etc?

Any tips (moderators please!) on how to make this stuff available to Z06vette forum members?
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No tips, but when you get the videos, send them to me or JC....please!!!
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