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As a proud owner of a Black 2003 Z06 who enjoys going to Corvette car shows and looking at others, I have often imagined what it would be like to win a lottery.

Please join me as I imagine what I would own if I could build my perfect collection of Corvettes. I am also curious as to what others imagine if they could build their own collections and from those who already have.

To start, if I won a Mega-Lottery, it is a no brainer. I would own every year, every color, and every variation of Corvettes. I love them all! Knowing the odds of that ever happening are very slim, I am presenting what I believe to be my perfect collection and my top favorite colors for each year.

Note: Without saying, some color(s) are very specific to the Edition given.

The first would be just that, a white 1953.
1962 Red Convertible.
1963 White Split Window Z06 touched by Zora Arkus-Duntov himself.
1967 Silver with a Black Stinger 427 Hardtop.
1967 Black with a Red Stinger 427 Convertible
1968 Laguna Blue Convertible
1978 Silver and Black 25th Anniversary Edition
1982 Collectors Edition
1995 Red ZR-1
2001 White Z06
2003 Black Z06
2004 Commemorative Edition Z06
2013 Anniversary Edition 427 Convertible
2013 Anniversary Edition ZR1

The 15th favorite will be determined in the next couple of years. To early to tell without knowing the future of the ZR1.

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If I won said lottery, all I would get would be 7 (one to drive each day of the week). I am not a believer in having that many garage queens and not using them.

1. 1957 Vert Black w/silver side coves 283 w/2 -4 bbl carbs
2. 1963 Split Window Fuelie Black on Black, sidepipes, knockoffs etc.
3. 1967 L88 - any type, any
4. 1970 LT1 any color
5. 2004 Z06 Silver (my existing one)
6. 2013 427 Vert Silver with Black int and blk spyder wheels
7. 2013 ZR1 Anniversity edition

That would only be the corvette collection to go with some muscle cars from the late 60's early 70's (GTO, 442, six pack etc.)

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you said win the lottery--so...

c4 callaway twin turbo
99 c5r Pratt/Miller
c5 callaway
c6r Pratt/Miller
c4 mid engine concept
c5 mid engine concept
c1 that Zora set high speed record in
c3(?) that the "Flying Dentist" drove *
1st c4zr1, c5z06, c6z06, c6zr1 off assembly line
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