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My impressions of Kooks 1 3/4 headers vs Stock

My car:

'04 Z06 Miles=7500 (Dynajet dyno corrected 364.4 rwhp 358.2 torque, bone stock).

Ordered the Kooks 1 3/4 headers with the hi-flow cats and X-pipe. (Received them Feb 22)
Shipping took 3 days UPS, when the headers arrived I noticed the airtube sticking out of one of the boxes. Good ole UPS :drunk: Fortunately nothing was damaged.

The headers are really nice. Finish and workmanship 1st class. Even has a welded on plate with the Kooks name on it.

Had a friend that works at a local Chevy dealer do the install in his spare time.
He said it was a PITA. These were the newer revised Kooks, I was told these were easier to install?

Brief background of my likes:

I love the way the Z06 sounds with the Ti's and H-pipe, a nice gurgle and rumble. Actually I was totally satisfied with the sound, I just wanted more sotp feel.

My friend finished the install this afternoon. I started it, no codes, no ticking, no leaks. Everything was great.

Impressions while still fresh on my mind:

First thing I noticed, it was not as loud as my stock system.
Most of the gurgle and rumble were gone.
Drove about 3 blocks and got on the interstate, and put the pedal to the metal. Definitely has more power, sounds different, more like a nascar than a muscle car when you get on it. :thumb:

You can tell the engine is not working as hard to develop the power..

Drove it about 60 miles, to let it go through the relearn cycle. 5th gear feels almost as strong as 4th used to before the headers.

All in all I am pleased with the new exhaust, don't know if I'll get a tune, or just leave it. I'm satisfied with the power gains at this point. I probably will punch some holes in my stock air box.

augydog :z:
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