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Indy 500 ?

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With the opening day of practice starting Sunday, my interest is starting to rise for this annual gala event....anyone else into it? Remember, this year Team Penske will enter their two drivers, Gil DeFerran, and Helio Castroneves, and Michael Andretti returns, along with Arie Luyendyk!

I am going to try and drive to Indy for at least one day, if possible, anyone else going? I do not plan on attending raceday because of the size of crowds, and you can see it all better with multi camera coverage on your home tv.

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Zippy, I'll be there from the 21st thru the 1st 500 ! I am excited. My girlfriend is from Indiana, so she is taking me there! .woo hoo!!
Z06AZ, - I will be at the race with 120 of my closest friends ( business friends ). We are in the Northwest Vista Seats in Turn 4. We park a van just outside the Northwest Vista right in front of the track eating breakfast and drinking Bloody Marys before the race. Look for the big balloon on the van just outside the track turn 4. Your welcome to join for food and drink. I'll be wearing my black Z06 hat and grey Z06 shirt.

Amish, that sound good. As it gets closer to that time we need to chat and really set up a way to meet.
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