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I'm curious? What are you guys paying for insurance on the ZO6 and what are your conditions, i.e. married, single, etc.?
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Is that Full Coverage?
I think I need to move to a different state. I quoted Geico at $2,400 a year for a coupe, at this point I was thinking of a Camaro SS and it was $2,300 a year. Since then I have found full coverage premiums from about $900 to $1200.
All of you guys that are under age (24 years and less) I a also in that group. That is why I am going to title the car under my dads' name and put myself as a part time driver. Both my dad and I have clean records with no accidents and the policy would reduced greatly by doing this. By the way, he says he doesn't wantto drive the ZO6 because it is my car and he believes hat I should be the only one to enjoy it. Either way, I'm gonna strap his butt into the seat so that he knows what a true sports car is like.
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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