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which is the best intake(cost no option) the donaldson unit is the filter w the box also the vortex is the filter box and rammer. Does donaldson make a rammer duct or can you ust the vortex rammer duct with the donaldson. What do you think about the TRIC intakes? has there been any dyno comparisons with all of these intakes on an identical car with and without mods? any info would be greatly appreciated..Thanks for your input

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This is been hashed around a lot the last couple of years. They all produce about the same HP gains, give or take a couple horsies. If money is no object, the TRIC is definitely the best looking intake. I choose the Vortex Rammer and Power Duct because it seemed to be the best bang for the buck. You might also want to look into the Jakes Corvette Concepts intake. I was pretty impressed with his setup.

It's basically going to boil down to how much you want to spend. I don't beleive there is much of an advantage of one over another.

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Hello I have talked to both Lingenfelter and Mallett and they both feel a Donaldson is the best. Period.
all good systems work very good, bottom feeders will suck debris and possible water.

the dyno gains at the rear wheels are from 11hp to 15 hp. Hope this helps Dennis

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by fcalmes:
the TRIC is definitely the best looking intake<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I keep reading this over and over and highly disagree. To me the Tric just looks like a long tube sticking through the shoud with 4 or 5 clamps showing. Not a clean setup. Now that the sidewinder is out I'd venture to say that it looks silly. Gives the engine compartment a totally unbalanced look as it just hangs to the side.

The Vortex on the other hand, replaces the huge stock box and looks very clean and elegant, especially in the carbon fiber.


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You can not ram air the Donaldson, I have tried.
The size and shape of the filter causes a turbulence when the air is forced in through the bottom.
When driving at 55-60 mph the engine starts to buck or surge, and it got much worse after my head and cam package.
The Donaldson is a great filter except it is still getting hot air from the engine compartment.
The Tric is a straw looking for water, on the other hand a Vortex or a Corvette Concepts system will only take in water if you drive through deep water which would also cause the same problem with a stock filter or a Donaldson for that matter.

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