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Yesterday at the Chargrill meet, this is what happened.

I shifted normal 1st, 2nd 3rd (NO POWERSHIFT) takeoff. When I shifted 2nd to 3rd, it sounded like it clunked and was real notchy. I have noticed since I have had the car and complained once to the dealer (OH THIS IS NORMAL) that the shifter has seemed a bit too notchy at times.

Well, afterwards and all the time now, if I go into third ONLY, it grinds and goes into third with a clunk. Sounds sometimes like some brief rattling metal rods or something from the middle center of the car area. All other gears are fine and you CAN get it into 3rd.

I figure after talking to Brian, Adam and another friend of mine that it is the linkage and not the synchro. I mean, the synchro should not break on AN ACCURATE crisp shift. If so, a bunch of Vettes would be breaking Synchros all the time. The metal rod sound may support my linkage theory. Adam also said that the SM stated that linkage could be the problem.

What do you all think??

UGG...I hate stuff like this...But oh well..Monday at 7:00am I will be at the dealer.


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I had the same thing happen to my 88 Supra Turbo. I couldn't get rid of the grind into second. My father was a Mechanic for 25 years and said it was the synchro too. The service did nothing about it. I hated it so much that I got rid of the car. /ubb/smilies/eek.gif I hope you get yours fixed. It's a big pain in the a$$ to go around a gear./ubb/smilies/frown.gif


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JL -

I've had problems like that (on non GM cars) and it always turned out to be the synchro's.
Keep us posted!


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You have a syncro problem I have even seen this on cars that were not driven hard.This is a 4 pice syncro. for a better shift but they aren't perfect.Be careful who you pick to repair there are several tricks to this repair.Even in the removal and instalation.Make sure that the rear suspension nuts are replaced! When you get the car back check the brake line clips on rear crossmember. I have seen these broken and NOT replaced. Also make sure that when the rear suspension is removed that NO impacts are used to remove or install!
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