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Is there a street version of the YELLOW LETTERED (C5-R) Goodyear tires?

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Hey all,

Just dreaming about how cool the yellow lettered Goodyear Eagle (or whatever) tires, like on the C5-R, would look on my MY Z06. Now, granted, I'm not even in the market for new tires -- rather, I'm just kind of "wondering" if there's something out there (a Goodyear, I presume) that is a street tire that has yellow lettering on 'em...

Ford made a "NASCAR-edition" F-150 that had yellow lettered Goodyears on it -- but I think they said "NASCAR" on them, too, which would be pretty silly on a non-NASCAR kind of car. Is there something out there like them or the C5-R ones, though?


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Two words.

Tire marker!

Find a yellow tire marker and color your tires in. I use to do that to my Sprint Car tires for show. It only lasted for packing the track and hot laps but it was cool looking when we unloaded the car.
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