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Is there a street version of the YELLOW LETTERED (C5-R) Goodyear tires?

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Hey all,

Just dreaming about how cool the yellow lettered Goodyear Eagle (or whatever) tires, like on the C5-R, would look on my MY Z06. Now, granted, I'm not even in the market for new tires -- rather, I'm just kind of "wondering" if there's something out there (a Goodyear, I presume) that is a street tire that has yellow lettering on 'em...

Ford made a "NASCAR-edition" F-150 that had yellow lettered Goodyears on it -- but I think they said "NASCAR" on them, too, which would be pretty silly on a non-NASCAR kind of car. Is there something out there like them or the C5-R ones, though?


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friend's don't let friend's do that to a Z.
Shake your self!

JMHO /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

Actually, I heard a while back that, with advancements in rubber technology, tires will be able to be any color.

BFG is already doing it.
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On 2001-08-02 15:34, KMeloney spewed forth this drivel:
Gadrix -- I didn't dream up yellow lettering on tires on a yellow Vette myself.. Haven't you seen the C5-R cars? It looks pretty sweet, n'est pas?


Sorry, I haven't seen them. I just think raised letters on ANY street car look goofy.
To each his/her own though. Just trying to be funny, not rude. Its great to live in a country with so many freedoms and choices.

I am temporarily living in Memphis, Tennessee and have seen some f#$ked up vehicles around here. I ponder, with the poster above, what I will see the colored tires on 1st. I am thinking a Navigator or an Escalade, but not until they make 20's or 22's.
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