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Jerry Land Where are you?

My car was taken back to the factory to buff one fender that had a slight blem (swirlmark) or something.

We did the plant tour and when we got back they brought back the car.

I stood in front of the webcam for about 15 minutes with the banner and my Halltech on my back.

Oh well.:guiness:


I was right next to a twin turbo Porsche (Brand New with temp plates) yesterday, but I couldn't temp the guy to take me on.

With 421 HP and 325 lbs less weight, guess who wins?

This is the FASTEST car I have even driven. It is so much faster than the 01, I'm really stunned, by the perfection GM has put into the entire package. Don't forget, I'm at Sea Level and 65 to 70 degrees. Oh My

I am jealous of only one car on the road. Jerry Land (the other EB Museum delivery) since he put the TRIC on his car from day one. I do not have that luxury, since I have to dyno step by step.

I was sick today, so dynoing begins anew tomorrow.


Tom's the Best!

Tom actually called me on my cell, as they were delivering the car, and said " what happened to your car?"

They Museum delivery staff are very fussy about the paint on all of their deliveries, so it went back to the factory, for some additional detailing.

That was taken care of by Kentucky bugs the first 10 miles home.
By the time I got to CA, the car weighed in at 4000 #. 3075 in car and the rest in bugs!:guiness:

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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