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Hi there :usa:

Jub Jub i know you are always here in the forum i need soem help with your fameous Jub Jub Mod ;)

I found the thread but as nativ german speaking person with nothing then Salesmanskills i really dont know what you ment with this: "Next, go to your local hardware store and purchase a 1-1/2 " PVC rubber plug" :p

I know go to your next store with stuff and get a 1-1/2 PVC rupper plug??????? Translatet in german it just dont make sense :zboobie:

Is the 1-1/2 Zoll? or inches ?

Can you try to explain this in other words, lets say like you would explain it to a 3 years old kid :D

I know i am little complicated, but when it comes to tecnical stuff i am not really talented :p same goes for english grammer, fameous??? tecnical???? serious??? :yeadog:

Thanks for your help, and YES this request is serious :roll:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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