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Got the Z06 back from Mallett today. The honey drove me over in the Suburban and took an new set of "rains" back with her. Chuck Mallett and his crew did a fine job for me. I asked them to prep and set up the car for SCCA Solo II Autocross with also the idea of running some Solo I at a later date when I get the car sorted out. I had the following installed:
Brake Pads - Autocross Gold
Cryo'd the rotors
SS Brake Lines
AP racing fluid bled system + ABS
Penske/Mallett double adjustable shocks all around
Stock wheels and tires rebalaced
Competition wheel alignment to my specs with Chuck's recommendations
Extra set of wheels and Tires for "rain" set up.
I was going to have Chuck install his autocross bar but we'll see how the stock Z06 one works - its probably to heavy/stiff (just like another one of my toys - yeah right!)

Anyways the car handled great on the way back but I didn't want to get on it too hard until the new linings are burnished and set in. That first heat cycle was fun....Up to 90 MPH then hard on the brakes down to 20 MPH x 3. Truck drivers thought I was nuts! Gee so sorry I have to do that again for the next 2 days.
1st meet on Sunday. Lot's of sorting out until then. I will all let you know how it goes.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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