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HI guys:)
This might be old news for some of you whom have experienced it - but today I got Laid~!!~ ;)
Just kidding - I got to drive a C6 for the first time.
It was an 05 Yellow convertible - auto - with 300 miles on the odometer.
Here are my impressions - and I will be frank with you as a vette owner/lover!!!
The C6 looks nice - it looks very nice.
This is the first time that the C5 looks outdated to me.
The car felt wider than the C5 - and outward visibility was not as easy at that of the C5 (maybe I am not used to the cars nose) - I was not able to see the hood of the car - only a portion of it (maybe in the Conv the roof is lower?)
The car was tight. Very tight. It felt as if I have moved up from the C4 to the C5. GM did an incredible job with the tightness.
The drivers seat was very comfortable (more padding would have made it a little better)
The "pipes" were quiet - which I dont mind.
I thought I would never say this - but the C6 feels better than the C5.
I Was not able to drive it hard since the road was wet from a morning shower.
If any of you have any questions about the C6 which I have not addressed feel free to ask and I will ignore ;)
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