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Just got home!!!! 2002 ZO6 in the garage!!!! I AM IN HEAVEN!!!!!!

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Well, I just got home. Picked the Z up at 7:30 tonight. I don't know what to say! I feel like I'm dreaming still! The car is one hell of a ride!! I can't wait to get up for work tomorrow...never thought I'd say that! I think I'll even get up early, say around 5:00 AM. The ride is silky smooth. I didn't open it up too much tonight, but I am very impressed to say the least. I love my Z SOOOOOOO much I even thought about sleeping in it tonight!!! Anyway, I had a little scare when I got to the dealer. I went straight to my car and started looking at it (obviously) and I come to find a damn screw in my front tire. I alsmost shit a brick. No problem though, the dealer gave me a loaner off a black Z that was sitting in the lot. I will swing by after work tomorrow to get my new one. So, I am so god damn wired now I can't even go to bed. Hell, I can't think straight either!!! I will have pictures by Friday. I will also post the pictures I got from Sonny tomorrow. The wait was well worth it. Let me know when any of your cars show up. All I have to say is that I am lucky to have gotten my Z so soon. Shit, I got the call at work today and I started dancing in the office. Well, I hope everyone has a nice night (I sure as hell will).

P.S. Frank, I might need your help posting the pictures since I have never done it before. Thanks.
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Congrats. I pick mine up in about two hours. I can't wait.
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