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Just Registered - Ordered Electron Blue Today

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Hi. I have been hangin' out, lurking on this forum for the last few months while deciding on the purchase of a Z06. This will be Corvette #6 for me, my last car was a Vette Drs modified '93 Polo Green II ZR-1 which I sold last August. Loved the Z, but did not like all the extra weight in the front or the prospect of facing mounting parts problems in the future. I also could not find anyone close to me who was competent to work on it.

I have to be truthful and say that when the C5 first came out, I was not wild about the styling - it took a few years to grow on me. But then, at my age, everything is starting to take longer! Initially, I had the same problem with the FRC styling.

I love the fact that my '02 will have the same rated h/p as the '93 ZR-1 did, with over 400 fewer lbs to haul around. And, although blue is my favorite color, this will be my first blue vette.

So now that I was actually able to order the car today (Criswell Chev in Md), I felt it was time to register. BTW, I am working through Dean Holmburg there, the new car sales manager who has agreed to a purchase price of $1,500 under whatever MSRP will be.

As for mods planned, pretty tame by my usual standards: FRC partition, long tube headers IF i can still get by Va emissions without the pre-cats, and a Vortex/TRIC IF they are still worthwhile improvements to the '02 config, CAGs, and lower thermo/fan control kit. Those items should be good for 25-30 ponies.

I live in Northern Va, and did a bit of autocrossing and FATT track days at Summit Point from time to time. Might be fun to try with the new car...
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As near as I can tell Bleubyu, you got a pretty good deal. How'd you manage to negogiate $1500 below sticker? Inquiring minds want to know. Congrats!!!
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