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Just watched Speedvision's coverage of the Trans Am race at Laguna Seca. Justin Bell WON. It was the 1st Corvette win of the Trans Am season and Justin picks up an extra 50K for his efforts. That's his 1st win in this series and I believe he's already been named rookie of the year.
This Wed I have to be at his driving school at Moroso Mostorsports Park in FL to take trackside delivery of a 2002 ZO6 and spend a 1/2 day at his driving school. Justin is suppose to be back from CA by then so this should be a very exciting day. Think we're having a dinner Wed night with the trackside delivery gang too. I'm told the Wed. event is open to the public so, if ya live near his school do drop by! Things should get underway around 8:15am.
Got my banners and my camera all ready. Will take some pics and post them for all who might be interested when I get back.
Nice to see Doug Feehan there to give Justin a C5R cap!!
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