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I have a yellow 2003 Z06 with the stock bose sound system, and a partition. The bose is lacking just a little bass, not much. I listen to hard rock.
I was in Best Buy today and saw a new Kenwood KSC-WD250, 10" subwoofer in an enclosure with a 200 watt amp. I placed it into the rear compartment of my car, and it fit perfectly. The carpet on the box almost matches my stock carpet.
My question is, has anybody tried this subwoofer yet in there Z06?? I'm worried that I will have to much bass.

On a side note, if you looking for the little rubber plugs to cover your stock antenna when you put on your car cover, got to Pep Boys, and get stock#47392. These are 7/32" rubber vacumn plugs that come 6 to a pack for about 2 bucks.

I mention this because I searched the forum and never found where I could get such a plug.
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