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Since bleeding the clutch with the stock bleeder valve sounds like such a long process I decided to get an LAPD clutch bleeder line. My thought was that I would only have to lower the exhaust and torque tube tunnel plate once to put the line in, and I'd be good to go. Only thing is, I didn't know that people do it when they have the drivetrain out of the car - not with everything in place!

I got it done, but what a major pain in the @$$!! :jawdrop:

Has anyone else installed one while all the drivetrain components were in? To me this was extremely difficult and I'm curious if it's no big deal to most guys or what.

I used the write-up from that describes how to bleed the clutch using the stock bleeder valve. It's a nice write-up that shows you what to take off the car in order to get to it, then it shows you where the parts are.

Thanks to a post by "FRC_Tom", I could also see exactly what the stock bleeder valve looked like.
I took out the old bleeder valve and got the new fitting in place with the flat washer by using a claw type parts grabber. I threaded that into place by hand (thank God for long, skinny arms, hands and fingers! :p ). A 9/16 socket dropped down over the fitting and I was able to get a 3/8 drive socket wrench up in the top of the torque tube tunnel, get it onto the socket and tighten the fitting. That was the easy part!

I dropped the new line onto the fitting and was able to get the nut finger tight without a tremendous amount of pain. I used a long flat screwdriver to spin the nut as tight as I could. The final tightening was the biggest pain. I went and bought a 7/16 flarenut wrench, but even with some grinding it wouldn't fit down into the access hole in the clutch housing, so I couldn't tighten the nut. I was finally able to get it by using an 11mm crows-foot with a flexible 3/8 drive knuckle, then a 3/8 to 1/4 drive adapter, and 1/4 drive extension, and a 1/4 drive handle. Woof!

That was last night. Today at work I feel like I fell off a fast moving train. It sure was slick for bleeding the clutch though!! :)

Any similar experiences?
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