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This is posted here and at the other forum, I'm a little concerned.
I got my kit last night. (9006 upgrade) Followed the instructions to the letter.

Fired up the system, it lit for about 10 seconds, then went out.

Swapped back in the stock light - turned the lights on, and it didn't light up.

Does each headlight have it's own fuse? This has way confused me. I started with driver side first (and only did the one side to test with) and the passenger side still lights up - as well as the high beam on the driver side. But the low beam (driver side) light won't come on now. Did I just miss something somewhere?


2001 Z06 - Black, Torch Red Interior. V1, !cags, Brey-Krause Harness bar and mounts, IOPort Camera Mount.
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