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Dear Members,

We have recently added the Laptrax's TracActive Controller Units to our product line. We will now be stocking them and offering them to forum members.

Best of all: FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!

Here is the info on them:

Had enough with Traction Control? Sick of forgetting to put the car in Competition mode, or holding down that button for five seconds? Do you wish Chevrolet would have let you decide how the Traction Control or Active Handling systems are set when you start the car?

Well, you don't have to do it Chevrolet's way any more! The TracActive Controller from LapTrax puts the power in your hands, where it belongs.

Total control is what the TracActive Controller is all about. You can set the controller to disable Traction Control (and Active Handling, if equipped), place the car into Competition Mode, or simply remain passive and do nothing. You can even set whether the controller confirms it's operations with beeps or remains silent. Whatever option you choose, the standard messages will still appear on the Driver Information Center (DIC). To turn Traction Control and/or Active Handling back on, simply press the factory Traction Control/Active Handling switch on the center console at any time.

The TracActive Controller is fully programmable using the factory Traction Control/Active Handling switch located in the center console, You can change operating modes any time without removing the controller from the car! Once you select your preferred operating mode, the TracActive Controller is completely automatic. As soon as you start the car, it goes to work. No action by the driver is required.

The value of the TracActive Controller is even greater for owners of '99 and '00 vehicles which require the car to be stationary before switching into Competition Mode. By the time you're ready to get moving, the TracActive Controller has already done it's job!

If you'd like even more convenience, purchase the TracActive Controller Deluxe. This upgraded model will automatically clear the "Competition Mode" or "TRAC/ACT HNDLG OFF" messages off the DIC after a short period of time.

The TracActive Controller is not a simple timer and relay, cobbled together from basic parts. It is an advanced, programmable microprocessor controller device. It is manufactured in the United States with the latest surface mount technology and automated assembly processes. The TracActive Controller is completely solid state with no moving parts.

Installation is simple, requiring only about fifteen minutes and a pair of pliers (the Deluxe version takes longer to connect the automatic DIC reset feature).

The TracActive Controller is everything the C5 Corvette owner has been looking for. It's great for the street, strip or track.

Automatically disables Traction Control and/or Active Handling!

Automatically places the car into Competition Mode!

Completely user programmable to your preferences!

Works with all C5 Corvettes!

Standard Unit: $110.00

Deluxe Unit: $145.00



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