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Chris informed me today that we are down to 7 TRIC Titanium MAG systems. That should last us until about 7-07-01 at the rate we are selling these collectors, numbered Halltech TRIC systems. We will not be making more Titanium TRICs.

We will not be making more due to the very high cost of these units and the five month lead time on material.

If you order by July 4th, we will take an additional 5% off these systems and include our Red Water-Resistant Pre-filter free* if ordered through our online store only. This is not a vendor price.

Picture of the Proflolactic Pre-Filter on the SideWinder end.

To order go to this link:

When you get to the last SSL page, insert your user name for this forum to get the additional 5% off. We will deduct it from our end manually.

These units WILL fit the 2002 Z06s since the new MAFs are identical to the 2001 MAF, only sans the screen.

Jim Hall
Halltech Systems, Inc.

2002 Electron Blue Z06 Museum Delivery.
2000 LS1 For sale 338 RWHP/345 RWT
1999 LS1 Total Loss vehicle
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And for those that don't know....this product is awesome!!! Felt a difference immediately and the growl it produces at WOT is killer. Worried about installation, have Chris do it. Very professional and thorough. Thanks for awesome product Jim, I bought #47.
Jim, I have an '02 EB on order and should be picking it up at the Museum in late August. I have thought about an intake system, but would feel better if I could see some before/after dyno tests on the '02 with your product. I realize that this will not be possible until the '02s hit the street. I would guess with the the stock airbox, performance gains will not be as great??
Wondering exactly the same thing...
I expect that the same system would net 5 less RWHP. Just being honest.

We have something up our sleeve, however, which will, if it performs as expected, bring back that 5 RWHP.

Details, next month.

We will be doing bone stock dyno testing as soon as we get back from the Museum.

There will be three Z06s coming back to CA. We will dyno all three before and after our mods.

We will tell it all, no matter what the results.

Jim Hall
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Thanks for the response, Jim. I guess the thing to do for now, then is wait to see how your tests go. I will not take delivery of the car at the Museum until around 8/23, so I certainly do not need to buy anything right now...
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