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LG headers install finished

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:D Thanks to this forum & members who posted their headers install experience :z: .I just finished my 1st headers install at home,these are the easiest 2 install & best headers IMO.
The hardest part was removal of the kooks,they made me :cry: it was pain in the :cen: .

Ahmad Alssiri
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Why did you replace the Kook's headers?
Congrats on your LG's DIY install. :thumb: :thumb:

Pit Man said:
Why did you replace the Kook's headers?
:ity: :ity: :ity: :ity: wouldnt be done without you guys. :usa: :z: waiting for my PCM to arrive from MTI for a retune.
Congrats on the LG install! Just finished mine this weekend as well. Just waiting for the weather and roads to clear up to get her out for a drive!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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