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Life at 172 in the Z06.

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Welcome to the Forum Jim!!

Fastest I've had my Z so far is 110. We don't really have the roads for it around here. Actually there is a nice stretch about 5 miles from me, but the cops patrol it pretty heavy, and I'm not ready to go to jail.

That must have been one heck of a rush!! It would definitely be a E-TICKET ride. Makes my A$$HOLE pucker just thinking about it.

I took a 165 mph run as a passenger in a coupe when I was in Boston. The noise was unreal!!
I too noticed the windows wanting to suck out. Had to clean my drawers after that run!!

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Sounds like fun! I should have the car in about a week or two and after the 500 "be nice" period, I may have to join you for the run. Then if a "blue light" shows up, they will have to choose which one to follow!

If you have to drive, do it in a C5.
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Were you still in 5th gear at 172? I wish I had a stretch of road around here like that.


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Great post, Jim. That vicarious experience you provided will be as close as many members will ever come to 170+. Was almost like being there.


Speed thrills....I mean kills but man what a rush. Haven't hit the 170 club but I can tell you that at 167mph w/ windows down :eek: my 2001 Z06 doubles as the worlds most efficent blow dryer. The next time I get the opp. and the balls to do a top end run on some of the many wonderfull hidden backroads of East Texas, it will be with the windows up.
Be careful there JLA! Cops ALL OVER 540 now since that accident at graduation. :)

I used to test my top end there too..but tough to do it now. The local Z's should get together sometime. We're having a dyno day on the 8th of September (Mustang guys...but Vettes are invited).
I love driving fast too, but never been above 155. But, "watching your valentine 1" may not be a good idea. What exactly are you going to do if it tells you something? I don't want that sudden distraction, especialy in the curve. JMHO Be Careful! Take the ticket, loose the license, be alive.
Man, I sure hope I don't run into you on the highway!!! Speeds like that are a great rush, but are meant to be done on a track. I don't think I could live with myself if i were to do that and hurt or kill somone just to give myself a "rush". :(
Wow... That was absolute poetry. :grin:
I admit I was breathing hard by the time I finished.

For those thinking he is crazy, I drive that road every day to work and back. It's about the most open straight road you could ask for, with no way for someone to pull out in front of you.

When I got my Cobra I took it out there to 145...unfortunately, some kids were racing Eclipses down there a few days before graduation and got killed.
Guys, there is no reason to take such risks. I have "preached" to you all about this before. The BEST alternative to risking life and limb, or at the very least serious jail time, are sanctioned events out West called Open Road Races. Sure, it may be far away from where you live, but it is completely LEGAL and immensely safer than doing a speed run on a public road. Open road races are also held on "public" roads, rural highways really, but they are CLOSED to the public and the police actually set up road blocks so we can play safely without worrying about other traffic on the road. These are thoroughly well organized events and the organizers enforce strict safety requirements.

The reason this sport is so much better than anything else is you will have an opportunity to get your car up to VERY HIGH speed and SUSTAIN over a continous running distance of up to 90 miles.
Good thing they are any longer because at high speed your mpg drop to single digits.

There is no way your going to find a road course at any race track where you can SUSTAIN an average speed over 140 mph. That is where open road racing comes in.

Unfortuantely, this type of "racing" ain't cheap. The entry fee can be as much as $595 per car. Sadly, these events are dying from lack of interest this year (another sign of a failing economy). Next month's event called the Pony Express has been cancelled due to insufficient number of entries.

For more detailed info, including safety regulations and other entry requirements go to: and check it out.
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Again, I agree with dsinned. No matter how straight the road, there is no such thing as a safe place to run 170+ mph on a PUBLIC road. Maybe a car is broke down on the side of the road, maybe a deer, dog, or PERSON is walking along road and comes in front of you, who knows. I just don't think that it is intelligent behavior and also not a good representation of Corvette owners to do things like this. Actions such as these are part of the reason why we get to pay such outrageous insurance premiums each month!!!:(
I must say that the road in which I "opened her up" is one that comes off a 90deg. right turn into a straightway where you can see about 1.75mi. before a hill crests. The road has improved shoulders and is in a rural setting. There is livestock(i.e. Cows) present, but knowing the landowners had their cattle pinned in the back acreage gave me some solace. This is not something I do everyday and I must stress that while I did not do any 0-150-0 type crap to destroy my brakes, I hit the high mark then "shut her down" before the incline of the hill began. I do not want to give the impression that I'm an idiot driving around +150mph all over the country. That type of driver gives all Car owners bad reps and high premiums. This was a one time thing for that rate of speed. I like to drive my car and do not want cancelled coverage. Top speed runs shall be done in a more friendly enviroment in the future.(Looking forward to Nevada some time!)
Welp, I can't condone this action ...... but if I had that much fun just reading it, I can imagine what a rush it is in the car. I don't have anywhere near me, that I would consider doing anything like that. Thanks for the story!! It made me jumpy!!
LOL I was breathing pretty hard by the time I was done reading too....Man those speeds scare me.....Please be safe guys and save it for te track because the best possible thing to happen at those speeds is get back to normal speed, next is get arrested, after that is pretty much death
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