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Like a$$holes, everyones goin to have one!

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Looks like everyone is goin to get an EB '02!
You'll be at a stoplight with one on each side and one in the oppisite lane (waving of course) passing by! Oh well, "dare go de neighborhood"!
Mines still on order, although now I might have to put a Starsky and Hutch stripe on it, or overspray that rice burner technicolor clearcoat on it to make it exclusive!
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On 2001-05-07 18:22, CorvetteSS spewed forth this drivel:
I know how you feel. I know of 5 Speedway White Z06's here in Houston. I think so far they've only made about 400 of them. I guess Houston got most of them.

None with the stripes and the carbon fiber though /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif
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