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Rant mode on.

My '04 has water running down the inside of the driver's side door where the a pillar meets the dash, and it makes the floor mat wet when I wash the car, and I need to have that repaired.

But I'm scared to death to take it to a dealership. Is there any other way for me to get this repaired under warranty? Can a Mr. Goodwrench Body Shop do it? Is that a wise choice?

I had my '03 to Brown and Brown in Mesa at least a dozen times (because I bought it there) for everything you can imagine, and while they did pretty good most of the time, there were some heart stopping experiences.

Like the time they left loose bolts on the rear suspension after a clutch replacement. I discovered that when I picked it up and it got squirrely on me at freeway speeds, and changed lanes all by itself.

If they would have checked the alignment like they should have, they would have found the loose bolts.

Then there was the time they did a simple oil change and the "certified?" tech took the radiator reservoir cap off instead of the oil filler... on a hot engine, and blew antifreeze all over my freshly detailed engine and compartment.

One other time I picked it up after an oil change and it was throwing lean codes. They delivered the car to me running, and the check engine light was on! They cleared the code and it didn't come back, but what the hell is up with that?

On other occassions they have, (among other things) pulled the fuel tank 3 separate times, (2 leaks and a fuel gage module) repaired 2 leaky axle seals, serviced a grabby LSD, replaced front end parts, 2 window motors, a memory seat module, 2 syncros and a shifting fork in the tranny.

I have a stack of service tickets an inch thick.

For the most part, they did ok, but the mistakes they made were significant.

A 16 yr old drives your car out of sight, and you don't have a clue how it's being treated until another 16 yr old delivers it back to you.

That's not very comforting.

The only other dealership I've been to was Midway and those jerks are not only crooks, their techs are careless morons. They left my perfectly detailed Z06 sitting outside during a Phoenix Monsoon dust storm, and the car looked like it had just done the Baja. The service writer didn't even stop eating his pizza long enough to listen to my complaint.

Plus, they didn't fix the problem. They didn't even come close to diagnosing it, much less fixing it. So they're worthless if you ask me.

I know one of the local Corvette clubs is sanctioned by Power Chevrolet on Bell Rd, but I'm not sure if they actually have their Vettes worked on there. So I'm looking for a dealership that has a certified Corvette mechanic that knows what he's doing, and that someone will recommend. Or, another way to get my leak fixed.

I know that's prolly asking a lot, but I thought I'd toss it out there and see what came back. :cheers:

Rant mode off.

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It's kind of a crap shoot out here!!
Bill Heard's body shop did a great job rebuilding the right side of my Z. The service manager was a real a$$ about warrantee work on my car because of the mods! The problem with the T/C module was a result of their misdiagnosis!
There is also Van Chevrolet but I don't know anything about that dealer!! The body shop writer that was in charge of my car moved to Van, but I don't think he stayed too long!
Being a body part/seal replacement you may want to contact Heard and feel them out! You are stock so they shouldn't give you much pain. Won't hurt to call them and feel them out!


P.S. Believe me, it pains me to send them work, but your choices out here are 1-5 not 5-10 on a 1-10 scale!!

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Have you checked out Thoroughbred Chevrolet in Chandler? I brought my Silverado there for service and they seemed to run a tight shop. There was a red Z06 in for service. I have not brought my Z in for any service yet but they did seem reputable. Just my .02 cents. :)

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