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Hey Guys, I'm looking to purchase a zo6 this winter. I have been wanting one for years. My question is, is there a major difference between an 02 and 03? Secondly, what is a good price to pay for an 02? I know mileage has an affect on price. I would like to spend 30-32k with tax or the lesser the better. Is that reasonable and is that possible? For that price what kind of mileage should i be looking for or does that really matter? I do plan on doing some mods to the car so i want to have money for that. I know that will cost some change. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :thumb: :-?
Oh and my pref. in color would be EB with black leather.

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i might sell my o2 blue this winter.. i think i am going for the new z !
i have seen prices dropping .. to the lower 30's.. and hate it..
but it is a reality.. if the new z comes out at 70k or higher.. maybe our prices will go up a little.. if you are gonna mod it.. it is fun.. and can get expensive. i have seen cars on here for sale with heads and cams.. exhaust.. (most have) custom already.. stock brakes are prtetty good as they are..

mine is EB 02 with breathless shifter.
haltec T1 intake carbon fiber.
antivenom custom tune.
borla stinger 2 tip exhaust
partition for noise
lloyd mats
chrome rims and pirelli pzero's
last summer at zfest.. antivenom installed tnt NOS kit.. with window switch and WOT switch.
i have run 1 tank thru with great (fun) results.. he did a great job on the install..very neat..

PM me if you may be interested.. i don't want to sell til winter sets in..
i could even deliver

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