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Looking to order '02

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I have been reading the list for a while now but decided it was time to make my first post.
I am about to put in the order for my '02 EB/black Z. The dealer I was going to go through just told me that they didn't sell enough units to get a Z allocated to them. Now I am in the process of looking for a new dealer.
I know that there are many Houston folks on the list and I am looking in that area (I live in College Station, but looks like I have to head to a real city to get my car). Does anyone have any hints on where to go. I have just talked to Charlie Thomas and have heard good things about them. I have also heard of a few not to go to.
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Welcome to the Forum!! You're going to love your Z!! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_cool.gif

You may want to check with Forum supporter Baugher Chevrolet or with futhur Forum Vendor ELCO Chevrolet from St. Louis. They can have your Z06 courtesy delivered to your local dealer. Make sure you go with a dealer that has large allocations and you will get it sooner.
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I have located a dealer that seems to have high Corvette volume and is willing to sell for MSRP. I know that many have gotten $1000 under, but is it worth the hassle. This sounds like a pretty good deal for the '02.
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