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Hi everyone,

I’m new to the Corvette world and looking to purchase a 2017 - 2019 C7 Z06 3LZ with the Z07 package, so I thought I’d post some questions on here to help me understand a little bit more about this awesome vehicle from owners who have had a long term ownership experience.

I currently own a 2020 Subaru WRX STi Limited (WR blue with the gold wheels) with around 10K miles that I’ve modified with basic bolt-ons, a performance tune, and suspension upgrades. I really enjoy the car, however, I would really like to have a traditional sports car (front engine, rear wheel drive) with two doors + targa top and a lot more power. I’m also looking forward to nice V8 growl and the supercharger really sells it for me as well. :)

After doing some research, I would really like to get a manual 3LZ C7 Z06 with the Arctic White or Torch Red exterior and with Kalahari or Adrenaline Red interior. I would also want the Z07 package. I was thinking to get the 2017 - 2019 model year range because I understand that all the kinks have been worked out in these models and I hear it’s quite reliable.

My budget is to spend anywhere between $60K and $75K (I understand that with car prices really high these days, that might be a stretch, however I’m not in a hurry and I can wait for the right Z06). I’m also looking to get around $44K for my 2020 STi so that will make the remainder of the cost of the car a bit more palatable.

Mileage-wise I’m looking for something under 10K miles but for the right car, I’ll go up to around $20K miles.

My questions are the following:
  • What is the reliability like long term with a mix of track use and daily driving habits?
    • How is reliability when approaching $100K miles or over?
    • I also understand that the infamous overheating issue is not evident with the manual transmission Z06’s which I’m looking for. Is this true?
    • How does the manual transmission hold up over time? I heard that sometimes grinding occurs. Has anyone experienced that?
      • Is the manual transmission a short shifter?
      • Are the gear ratios short?
      • Since there are seven gears, are the gear selections really close to each other, thereby potentially causing a mis-shift?
    • How reliable is the LT4 engine?
      • Does it come with forged internals (pistons, rods, crankshaft)?
      • Can you hear the supercharger whine?
  • Since I’m used to AWD grip (with a rear bias), is it safe when taking hard corners on throttle - meaning is oversteer and spinning out a regular occurrence?
  • How does the interior hold up reliability and usability-wise?
    • How is the infotainment experience? I’ve heard it’s an old touch screen but I’m sure it must be better than the one on my 2017 Lexus GX 460.
    • Does it have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?
    • I really like the Competition seats - how comfortable are they for daily driving?
    • How is the targa-top reliability?
    • How is the customizable dash/gauges?
  • Are there any factory performance options (other than the Z07 package)?
    • How are the carbon ceramic brakes?
  • I’m also a big-wing kinda guy lol (as my STi has one), so how high can the spoiler with the Z07 package be adjusted?
    • Is it possible to fit the ZR-1 wing?
  • How is gas mileage? I’ve heard 28-29mpg on the highway in seventh gear, but what about city driving or when you’re on the throttle?
  • How effective is the PDR system?
  • How effective is the HUD system?
  • I currently have Sport Cup 2 Tires on my STi and I would plan on getting the same for the Z06, but how long do they usually last? On my STi, after just over a year, I have about 30% tread left.
  • I’ve heard the stock wheels break easily. Is it possible to install a slightly wider wheel, perhaps by an inch? I like the “poke effect” of wheels where the wheels slightly stick out so it look more aggressive. I currently have this setup on my STi.
  • Is it true that there is no standard parking brake, but rather an electronic one? :(
  • Is there "rev-hang" when you press the clutch?
  • How is the clutch-feel and how high or low is the clutch take point?
Since I'll have to buy my Z06 used, what should I be looking for (to weed out cars that have been driven hard/raced even though this car is really meant for the track)?

I was also looking to purchase it from a Chevrolet dealer and buy an extended warranty. Is this recommended?

I've also added a couple of pictures of my 2020 STi. :)

Thanks everyone for your help and I’m really excited to one day own my dream Z06. :)

Have a blessed day!

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Nice Subie, 2017 C7Z06 has about 11500 miles so I can't answer all your questions and my only track experience is at the Ron Fellow School in NV though I can answer some and give you my opinion on others, for what it's worth...
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I did not see my need for the 3LZ or Z07 package...I like the manual and it is (for Chevy anyways) a "short" enough shifter though of course there are aftermarket options...shifting takes a bit of getting used to and it did not take long at the Ron Fellows school to get the hang of it, it rev matches for you so that takes some of the extra action out and quickens things up which you will need...I drove it brand new from Bowling Green to Southern California and got about 24-25 far, the computer says I've gotten an average of about 22 mpg for the 11500 miles including some city driving though I don't drive to a job or anything like the Ron Fellows school many folks like the automatic because there is less work to do and it shifts so much faster than the manual, manual is more fun to me, I don't need 0-60 in 3 or so seconds...the engines are built by hand at the Bowling Green Factory Performance Build Center and I did that is a beautiful motor, I love it...the Chevy engineers are second to none, witness the latest iteration of the Z06 coming down the road next year...all the work I've had done is change the oil and filter once a year...reliability I suspect is just like any other good car, there is a lot to go wrong but I've had no issues...any extended warranty is essentially an insurance policy that I have no use for...everything is electronic, even the glove box door has some kind of assist...I can't hear the supercharger but when you step on it, the thing is scary loud (which I like)...I still have the original tires, if you push the car, you will eat up the soft tread no doubt...the wheels are prone to crack if you drive it on the street in competition mode because the suspension is too stiff for the wide aluminum alloy where the wheel has structural integrity only at one end...I have to go a mile or so on a nasty dirt road to get to pavement and at 6-7 mph I've had no wheel issues...I have not had any issues with the tranny...somewhere around here I have the gear ratios (google will tell you) but I think the engineers did a great job designing the car to perform just like they wanted it to, drive it to the track and drive it home, with a bit of fun in between all while getting great gas mileage...I take it up into the national forest near where I live sometimes and I can't really push it to the limit, it's too fast...even at the school I did not take to the limit and had plenty of fun...there are Youtube videos of folks tracking those things...I'm told that the ZR1 is better balanced aero/power wise for the track...the Z07 package takes away some of the Z06 top end goal is to do some of the standing 1/2 mile and mile events around the countryside but I have not yet done that...maybe this coming year...the competition seats are awesome, no issues at all driving across country...and there is a lot of available adjustment...If you are a serious track rat, in my opinion you would be better off with a ZR1 or better yet, a C8...just sayin...hope I helped some.

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OK folks, now that we got all those weeds out of the way, another issue Ben mentioned is the heads up display, which I like...war story: Drove the car back from Bowling Green to So CA and a few miles from my house got pulled over by a (almost) plain wrapped CHP...speed limit 55 and he said I was doing 91 and I had no reason to doubt it...felt to me about 60 I put the HUD right in my line of vision so I can see speed instead of trying to feel it...these things were designed to go fast with minimum effort...probably not designed to be optimum track cars..Tadge has appeared at Museum events and explained many times how the engineers designed the car and the parameters of track use and the car will do what the engineers designed it to do, no more...that said, I think the C8 is a much more trackable they can keep that Hardtop Convertible cool is beyond me...and I'm not surprised they turned out a ridiculous new Z06 without a power adder...just sayin.

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No tickets on mine yet, but I got to thinking about my out of round wheels. This is not brilliance here, but I pulled my Z from Sport to Tour. I discovered the car had suspension travel and real shocks. The ride softened up for the road. Sport may explain my out of round!
When picking my vette up at the Museum in Bowling Green we are assigned a "mentor" who sits and describes every facet of the mentor had 4 vettes including a C7 Z06 and helped me quite a bit just by sitting and talking...I've experimented with all the modes and there is a definite seat of the pants difference just between the Tour and Sport modes when blasting through the could damage the wheels using sport on a really rough road, I'm careful out there those things are expensive! Also, the owner's manual says to mostly use tour mode...I was using the eco mode a bunch just to watch the thing go into 4 cylinder de-activation...a lot of folks are saying that is not a good idea because using that mode too much can lead to internal engine damage like the lifters and such, so now just on long stretches of freeway driving, that's it.
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