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Hi everyone,

I’m new to the Corvette world and looking to purchase a 2017 - 2019 C7 Z06 3LZ with the Z07 package, so I thought I’d post some questions on here to help me understand a little bit more about this awesome vehicle from owners who have had a long term ownership experience.

I currently own a 2020 Subaru WRX STi Limited (WR blue with the gold wheels) with around 10K miles that I’ve modified with basic bolt-ons, a performance tune, and suspension upgrades. I really enjoy the car, however, I would really like to have a traditional sports car (front engine, rear wheel drive) with two doors + targa top and a lot more power. I’m also looking forward to nice V8 growl and the supercharger really sells it for me as well. :)

After doing some research, I would really like to get a manual 3LZ C7 Z06 with the Arctic White or Torch Red exterior and with Kalahari or Adrenaline Red interior. I would also want the Z07 package. I was thinking to get the 2017 - 2019 model year range because I understand that all the kinks have been worked out in these models and I hear it’s quite reliable.

My budget is to spend anywhere between $60K and $75K (I understand that with car prices really high these days, that might be a stretch, however I’m not in a hurry and I can wait for the right Z06). I’m also looking to get around $44K for my 2020 STi so that will make the remainder of the cost of the car a bit more palatable.

Mileage-wise I’m looking for something under 10K miles but for the right car, I’ll go up to around $20K miles.

My questions are the following:
  • What is the reliability like long term with a mix of track use and daily driving habits?
    • How is reliability when approaching $100K miles or over?
    • I also understand that the infamous overheating issue is not evident with the manual transmission Z06’s which I’m looking for. Is this true?
    • How does the manual transmission hold up over time? I heard that sometimes grinding occurs. Has anyone experienced that?
      • Is the manual transmission a short shifter?
      • Are the gear ratios short?
      • Since there are seven gears, are the gear selections really close to each other, thereby potentially causing a mis-shift?
    • How reliable is the LT4 engine?
      • Does it come with forged internals (pistons, rods, crankshaft)?
      • Can you hear the supercharger whine?
  • Since I’m used to AWD grip (with a rear bias), is it safe when taking hard corners on throttle - meaning is oversteer and spinning out a regular occurrence?
  • How does the interior hold up reliability and usability-wise?
    • How is the infotainment experience? I’ve heard it’s an old touch screen but I’m sure it must be better than the one on my 2017 Lexus GX 460.
    • Does it have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?
    • I really like the Competition seats - how comfortable are they for daily driving?
    • How is the targa-top reliability?
    • How is the customizable dash/gauges?
  • Are there any factory performance options (other than the Z07 package)?
    • How are the carbon ceramic brakes?
  • I’m also a big-wing kinda guy lol (as my STi has one), so how high can the spoiler with the Z07 package be adjusted?
    • Is it possible to fit the ZR-1 wing?
  • How is gas mileage? I’ve heard 28-29mpg on the highway in seventh gear, but what about city driving or when you’re on the throttle?
  • How effective is the PDR system?
  • How effective is the HUD system?
  • I currently have Sport Cup 2 Tires on my STi and I would plan on getting the same for the Z06, but how long do they usually last? On my STi, after just over a year, I have about 30% tread left.
  • I’ve heard the stock wheels break easily. Is it possible to install a slightly wider wheel, perhaps by an inch? I like the “poke effect” of wheels where the wheels slightly stick out so it look more aggressive. I currently have this setup on my STi.
  • Is it true that there is no standard parking brake, but rather an electronic one? :(
  • Is there "rev-hang" when you press the clutch?
  • How is the clutch-feel and how high or low is the clutch take point?
Since I'll have to buy my Z06 used, what should I be looking for (to weed out cars that have been driven hard/raced even though this car is really meant for the track)?

I was also looking to purchase it from a Chevrolet dealer and buy an extended warranty. Is this recommended?

I've also added a couple of pictures of my 2020 STi. :)

Thanks everyone for your help and I’m really excited to one day own my dream Z06. :)

Have a blessed day!

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