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Hi everyone,

I’m new to the Corvette world and looking to purchase a 2017 - 2019 C7 Z06 3LZ with the Z07 package, so I thought I’d post some questions on here to help me understand a little bit more about this awesome vehicle from owners who have had a long term ownership experience.

I currently own a 2020 Subaru WRX STi Limited (WR blue with the gold wheels) with around 10K miles that I’ve modified with basic bolt-ons, a performance tune, and suspension upgrades. I really enjoy the car, however, I would really like to have a traditional sports car (front engine, rear wheel drive) with two doors + targa top and a lot more power. I’m also looking forward to nice V8 growl and the supercharger really sells it for me as well. :)

After doing some research, I would really like to get a manual 3LZ C7 Z06 with the Arctic White or Torch Red exterior and with Kalahari or Adrenaline Red interior. I would also want the Z07 package. I was thinking to get the 2017 - 2019 model year range because I understand that all the kinks have been worked out in these models and I hear it’s quite reliable.

My budget is to spend anywhere between $60K and $75K (I understand that with car prices really high these days, that might be a stretch, however I’m not in a hurry and I can wait for the right Z06). I’m also looking to get around $44K for my 2020 STi so that will make the remainder of the cost of the car a bit more palatable.

Mileage-wise I’m looking for something under 10K miles but for the right car, I’ll go up to around $20K miles.

My questions are the following:
  • What is the reliability like long term with a mix of track use and daily driving habits?
    • How is reliability when approaching $100K miles or over?
    • I also understand that the infamous overheating issue is not evident with the manual transmission Z06’s which I’m looking for. Is this true?
    • How does the manual transmission hold up over time? I heard that sometimes grinding occurs. Has anyone experienced that?
      • Is the manual transmission a short shifter?
      • Are the gear ratios short?
      • Since there are seven gears, are the gear selections really close to each other, thereby potentially causing a mis-shift?
    • How reliable is the LT4 engine?
      • Does it come with forged internals (pistons, rods, crankshaft)?
      • Can you hear the supercharger whine?
  • Since I’m used to AWD grip (with a rear bias), is it safe when taking hard corners on throttle - meaning is oversteer and spinning out a regular occurrence?
  • How does the interior hold up reliability and usability-wise?
    • How is the infotainment experience? I’ve heard it’s an old touch screen but I’m sure it must be better than the one on my 2017 Lexus GX 460.
    • Does it have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?
    • I really like the Competition seats - how comfortable are they for daily driving?
    • How is the targa-top reliability?
    • How is the customizable dash/gauges?
  • Are there any factory performance options (other than the Z07 package)?
    • How are the carbon ceramic brakes?
  • I’m also a big-wing kinda guy lol (as my STi has one), so how high can the spoiler with the Z07 package be adjusted?
    • Is it possible to fit the ZR-1 wing?
  • How is gas mileage? I’ve heard 28-29mpg on the highway in seventh gear, but what about city driving or when you’re on the throttle?
  • How effective is the PDR system?
  • How effective is the HUD system?
  • I currently have Sport Cup 2 Tires on my STi and I would plan on getting the same for the Z06, but how long do they usually last? On my STi, after just over a year, I have about 30% tread left.
  • I’ve heard the stock wheels break easily. Is it possible to install a slightly wider wheel, perhaps by an inch? I like the “poke effect” of wheels where the wheels slightly stick out so it look more aggressive. I currently have this setup on my STi.
  • Is it true that there is no standard parking brake, but rather an electronic one? :(
  • Is there "rev-hang" when you press the clutch?
  • How is the clutch-feel and how high or low is the clutch take point?
Since I'll have to buy my Z06 used, what should I be looking for (to weed out cars that have been driven hard/raced even though this car is really meant for the track)?

I was also looking to purchase it from a Chevrolet dealer and buy an extended warranty. Is this recommended?

I've also added a couple of pictures of my 2020 STi. :)

Thanks everyone for your help and I’m really excited to one day own my dream Z06. :)

Have a blessed day!

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If you plan on tracking a car, the C7 Z06 is not the one for you. I personally know more than one owner who cannot get more than four or five laps without going into limp mode, despite several modifications made to attempt to fix the overheating problem. The only successful fix I'm aware of is provided by either Hennessey or Callaway (forget which), where they replace the supercharger with the larger C6 ZR1 supercharger. I seem to recall that fix costs in the neighborhood of $15k-20k. If other forum members have found another solution, I'd like to hear it.

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Did you say the ZO6 heating issue was solved with a bigger supercharger???? I do not track my manual Z07 but the heating issue is real in hot weather on the street.
If all they did was bolt on a smaller supercharger, heat would not increase. However, to compensate for the smaller volume of the C7Z6 supercharger, they increased (overclocked) the rotational speed. The result is that, per unit time, an equivalent volume of air/fuel mixture is being compressed into a smaller space, resulting in higher temperatures. By using a larger volume supercharger rotating at lower speeds, heat is reduced. As to why they chose a smaller supercharger, the story I've heard is that they did not want to bump the hood to accommodate the larger one.

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I have a Z07 manual. Dark grey with lipstick red interior interior. I read Myliobatis's answer. I am in general agreement. I bought my 2018 in September 2019. The serial number is 00002. It was built in March of 2017 as a 2018. It was delivered to a GM exec originally. I am the third owner. 60mph in 1st, 90mph in 2nd, 120 in 3rd, still looking for time and place to test the others. As you can tell the gears in my Z are tall. 7 is a true overdrive. At 90 mph I am still only pulling 1900 or so revs. My 2011 CTS V 6-speed was geared much differently.

1st and second both are stiff if standing still. I am not sure why, but they need some extra attention to prevent the occasional grinding. Otherwise, gears are nicely spaced and the transmission tracks effortlessly. 7th gear is much like reverse. Both very deliberate gear changes.

This car is a beast. I tracked a 500 hp Z. I loved it. However I can break the rear tires loose at 80 mph in 3rd gear with my Z07 just by mashing the throttle. The nanny will catch a straight line wiggle, but if you are in a corner and hit it a little hard you may be in the weeds unless you are very experienced. I am not. I doubt I will ever track it. I have fully respected it from Day 1. In fact, I don't like admitting this but this car scared the hell out of me for about two months. Then I realized my testosterone levels were improving, so now I love it.

I'm thinking of getting with my buddy and buy one of those 500 hp models and stick it on the track.

I have an extended warranty. It has paid off. These are expensive to work on. My problems have been minor. All brake wear sensors have been replaced successfully so far. Two front cameras went bad. I have a copy of the warranty work on the car to the date that I bought it. The stuff was minor. Electronics scare the hell out of me on these newer cars.

My V went 208,000 trouble free miles. I sold it because the supercharger was an unknown risk to me. I have no experience with mileage and superchargers. I will say I redlined it all the way to the day I sold it. I loved that car.

I have experienced zero oil consumption. I find it interesting how the oil level is checked in this dry sump.

I had problems keeping my wheels round. After the second and third one went south, I bought some Forgeline forged wheels. So far pi are round. I was thinking I had donuts on there for awhile. This is a street car stored in a garage. I drive it as such and hate washing the damn thing. It takes forever.

I would be happy to speak to you by telephone to help with the other questions. My
typing keyboarding is not what it once was.
"...but if you are in a corner and hit it a little hard you may be in the weeds unless you are very experienced."
Correction--if you hit it a little hard, you WILL be in the weeds. I know this from personal experience on more than one track.

My first experience with this was years ago at Bondurant, running the slalom course on the skid pad with a C6Z6. After a couple of runs I decided to experiment with flooring it coming around the last cone. When I did, the car immediately snapped a 180, this with all the nanny controls turned on. My instructor drove over, rolled down his window, and asked 'What was that all about?" I sheepishly said that I wanted to see what would happen if I floored it. He grinned and replied, "Now you know!"

Now when I'm instructing a student with a Z car (or any seriously high hp car) the first thing I teach them is judicious application of throttle on turn exit, using my Bondurant experience as the example.

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