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I have contacted a driving school about running a track day (Drivers Education) event at Nashville Superspeedway on July 20 (the day before the Fest starts).

For those that are not sure what this type of event is all about, it is an opportunity for you to drive your car on a raod course track as fast as you are comfortable.

Here is how it works:

Generally there 4 "run groups" A run group is a group of similarly skilled drivers (novice, intermediate, advanced, instructor) who take the track for open lapping for anywhere from 20-30 minutes. You drive your car around the road corse, with the goal being to learn how to safely drive your car fast.

When your run group is not on the track you will either have some classroom time scheduled or you will have some down time in the pits. The classroom time is generally run by an experienced racer who discusses a variety of topics such as vehicle dynamics, cornering/track management, driving technique, etc. These are very informative sessions.

You will generally get 4-6 sessions of track time during the day, which will have you on the track for about 2-2.5 hours during the day.

The novice run group is set up such that each driver will have an in car instructor with them to assist with hands on instruction. There will be limited passig during these session, and only in limited areas of the track.

Intermediate and Advanced groups will have slightly more freedom in passing with each successive level, and are run as instructor optional sessions.

The instructor group is for the instructors to run their cars and have some fun. As a Novice, this is a great opportunity to ride along and see how its supposed to be done.

If you have ever thought about being able to drive your Z the way it is intended to be driven, this is the type of event you are looking for.

If interested, go to the following link and post your interest about this event. We need to get a certain level of participation to make this a go, so if you are going to the Fest and are truly interested in the track day pre-event, go here:

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