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Have a few things from demodding and just sitting around.

1.Thin spoke rims not polished. Straight have a few nicks but no crub rash) $500 plus shipping (was some interest before but i just got a chance to take pics so let me know and i will send out pics)

2. 4.10 rear end with HD shaft.(about 3k or so miles dead quiet) $800 plus your 3.15 or 3.42 core.

3. Vararam VR-B2 only about 3k miles or so. 300 plus shipping.

4. Asp underdrive pulley(still on car coming off this weekend) again about 3k miles. $225 plus shipping(will include belts as well)

5. 2 Z06 Ti exhaust. Great condition $400 each plus shipping.

6. 225 225 cam. About 3k miles still in motor but should be out this weekend. I will have my motor shop check it out before i sell and ship. But Should be in great cond. $250 once it checks out ok

I know im new here but I have been on the other forum for a long time check it out if you want reassurance.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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