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Low Oil Level Warniing Light

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Have any of you got a false low oil level warning light when you turn the car off and re start with in 20 seconds ? I guess this means the oil has not all got back down to the bottom of the pan. The light will stay on until you turn key off and let car sit for a few minutes. I have checked the oil level several time and it is okay.(this usually happen at the drags turning car on and off waitng in line to run)
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I've not seen this, but I have had the car stall on me a couple of times at the drags.

It was after a couple back to back hot runs, and the fuel gauge was in the red. Next time I'll leave a little more fuel in the tank! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif
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Evil, each extra gallon of fuel is gonna slow you down...

Great run in your signature. Was that on stock tires? Any details? What was the 60' time?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Ranger, this was on the stock tires lowered to 25 psi heated up. These tires respond well to heat compared to most other high performance tires. My 60 ft time was a 1.87. The track was well prepped ,launch rpm 3100.
Thanks, TKT2SPD, impressive launch.

Your response prompts another question. Did you do any runs with just the Halltech, before your long-tube headers were installed??

I'm looking for the difference the headers made in your trap speed. I'm weighting the measurable benefit of the headers, before I commit to taking that plunge.

Thanks in advance.

Ranger, the long tube headers made a huge difference. I was running in the 115mph range with just the haltech intake and now Im always in the 117 to 118 range.I feel the headers were a more substansial mod than even the intake. I was running 114mph stock. The car feels a lot more tourqey now,and it runs alot harder right to the rev limit. I wish the rev limit was a little higher it does not want to stop pulling.
TKT2SPD, Thanks for the valuable insight. Finally found the right guy, car and experience. Appreciate the info.

LOng tube headers... /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_cool.gif I need a set, momma!! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_frown.gif
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Me too, damn. Anyone else have the problem of their car feeling "slow" now that they've had it awhile and gotten used to it?
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