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Lowered Z in my garage

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I lowered my Z06 last night and the results are subtle but satisfying. I followed "G-Man's" instructions on corvetteforum. Dropping the rear was simple and can easily be performed with the tires on the car. It's not immediately intuitive that you have to increase the distance between the transverse spring and the A-arm to lower the chassis. I cut off 1/3 of the both bushings for each side of the Z. I threaded the nut back on and left about 2 threads showing and reinstalled the C-clip. The result caused about 1.2" drop. On the fronts, the aid of a 10mm dedicated ratcheting wrench (this is not a socket wrench) and a shot of WD-40 helped alot. The front shock is angled right over the adjusting using the ratcheting wrench made the work somewhat easier. While the wheel was off, I also weighed the front rim\tire. It was 45.5 lbs according to my uncalibrated bathroom-type scale. Handling has changed slightly as the rear-end is slightly more responsive to turn-in. After participating in my first autoX event on Sunday (before the mod), this is a very welcome mod for my next outing...which will be Thunderhill in April!
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You should get the car aligned as soon as possible, they usually move if you lower them./phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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Thanks HCVONE for the advice. AFter the car settles a bit...approx. 30 to 60 miles, I'll get her realigned and see how much my work has affected the alignment in terms of caster, camber and toe-in.
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