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Just lowered the Z, about 1.5" in the rear - it nicely sags down - after a couple hundred miles now - but the front, according to the instructions posted on the corvetteforum and other sites (maybe this one, too - I don't know) - seems that the front you tighten the bolts as much as it goes. I did this, but the front still seems to have a bigger gap thne the back. BTW - the rear, a third of each top and bottom bushing was cut off ... now what ? My Z seems to swirve, or fishtail very lightly when WOT at high speeds, usually around 50 MPH and up .. help!

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HI Rob,
I recommend that you have the Z lowered on an alignment rack, to avoid this type of issue. Unfortunately, there is no clear cut way to lower correctly, without this rack, to allow for wheel movements.
Then, perform a full wheel alignment, as the instability is definately caused by this chassis change.
Best to ya ,c4c5
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