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Lowering Car (I know, old topic)

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I've done a lot of research on both forums, and I'm still a bit confused... Wonderin if you guys could give me your sage advice.. My Z definitely needs to be lowered.

I want to get the car .5-1 inches lower, without the front being higher than the back.. (I've read one tragic post about that - OUCH!!!)

In the front, I tighten the bolt until there's nothing showing between the bushing and the bolt..

In the rear, I probably shouldn't cut the bushing (would make it too low??), and just tighten till I see two threads showing on the top of the bolt..

Once that's done, immediately drive it - slowly - to an alignment shop to have them zero out the toe and, in my case, increase negative camber on the front wheels to about 2 degrees and the back at around 1.. (Autocrossing next weekend, want this set up ok)

Does this sound about right??? When I do this, I'll take MANY pictures - since I haven't seen any step-by-step pics of this procedure yet..


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So, wait on the alignment then for a few days?

Will driving it help accelate the settling process?
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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