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Lowering my Z and was wondering....

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I was wondering if anyone has cut the bushings on their Z in order to lower it more...if so, what have you experienced...I'm going to lower it but thought I would ask before I did it.


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I had the bushings cut on my 2000 Coupe. This was only because the lowering bolt kit that I ordered did not come w/ new ones.
I did not have any problems, but I did not slam the car either. I just lowered it enough to get rid of most of the gap in the wheel wells.
I have not lowered the Z yet. But this time I will be getting a kit w/ the new bushing included.
Just to make me feel better, and in case I ever want to raise it back to stock for any reason, I will still have the old bushings.
This time I will also be doing the work myself as well.
If you want the C5 Registry has detailed instructions on lowering the C5.

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