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The LS7 is the largest and highest HP small block ever produced in a production car by Chevy.

The engine has a lot of good preperation from the factory:CNC porting, block is honed and milled with deck plates, etc. and then hand assembled.

What would you do to have the engine prepped for competition ??

Here's my ideas per category:

- Disassemble and clean engine.
- Measure Tolerances
- Weigh all parts
- Balance all parts
- Cryogenic treat all parts
- Stress relieve all parts
- Sonic Test all parts
- Magnaflux or Dye Penetrant test All parts

BLOCK: Does not have quite the metallurgy that the C5R has nor the heat treat. However it will be adequate for competition.
- Heat treat block
- Clean up all flashing and mold release
- Coat Valley oil return with oil shedding coating
- Coat exterior with Temperature release coating
Option: Overboring to limits would not produce much gain as block is already there, near limits already. Darton MID wet sleeves would be considered if more cubes are desired.

CRANK: Is already gun drilled and lightened.
- Sonic test
- Magnaflux
- Clean up and camfer holes
- Nitride if necessary

- Clean up and balance

PISTONS: Discard OEM cast pistons.
- Clean up and balance NEW Forged pistons
- Moly coat piston skirts
- Heat resistant coating for top

CAM: Discard OEM cam.
- Install NEW at least 0.612 Lift Solid racing cam
- Install NEW HD Racing Lifters
- Install NEW Rev Kit
- Install NEW HD Racing Push Rods

HEADS: Already CNC Ported
- Mill Head to produce 11.5:1 - 11.9:1 CR
- Clean Up
- Extrude Hone & Polish Intake & Exhast Runners
- Port match
- 5 Angle Racing Valve Job
- Install NEW Jesel 1.85:1 Roller Tipped, Shaft Mount, Roller Rockers
- Install NEW Dual Valve Springs for higher lift Cam
- Polish OEM valve backfaces and modify for 5 angle seat
- C6R Rocker Covers
- Coat exterior of Heads with heat release coating
- Coat Rocker galley with oil shedding coating

- Port and Polish pump
- Reshim pump for higher output & pressure
- Coat interior of reservoir, oil pump & pan with oil shedding coating
- Coat exterior of Reservoir, oil pump & pan with heat release coating
- Install NEW Accusump
Option to Install NEW 10qt. higher capacity reservoir
-Install NEW Remote reusable SS screen racing Oil Filter

- Port & Polish Water Pump
- Install high flow roller bearing impeller
- Install NEW 180 degree ported TStat
- Install NEW 4 core racing radiator with Integral Engine Oil Cooler
- Install NEW racing Waterless Coolant

- Port & Polish Throttle Body
- Polish MAF
- Install NEW Halltech High Flow Ram Air Intake
Option: Replace OEM Intake manifold with Crossflow, Individual Throttle Bodies (8) & Dual Plenum Intake manifold

-Install NEW Coil Relocation Mount
-Install NEW HD Racing Coils
-Install NEW Racing Wires
-Install NEW Beru Racing Plugs
-Install NEW HD Grounding Straps
-Install NEW Battery/Master Cutoff Switch
Option Install NEW CD Racing Wires

- Install NEW LT Headers with Racing merge Collectors
- Install NEW High Flow racing CATS
- Install NEW Corsa 3" Racing Titanium CAT back

- NEW balanced Aluminum Flywheel

- Reprogram ECM
- Install NEW Racing ECM

I am hoping with:
- Race prepping the Block, Crank, Rods, Heads, Oil System & Cooling System;
- Porting & Polishing the Heads, Oil Pump, Water Pump
- Increasing the CR to at least 11.5:1
- Installing New Forged Pistons, Higher Lift Cam, Valve train & Rockers, Ignition, Radiator, Flywheel, Headers, Intake and possibly the Intake Manifold the LS7 will produce 575-600 HP, normally aspirated.

Any other ideas ??

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I have done much of that to my C5 Z06. Major amount of work, money and time(years).

I think 650-680 rwhp is achievable with a solid roller setup, the dry sump and twin 75mm TB's. The Vette Doctors have done that with quite a bit less than your talking about.


I think there have been some new developments in a new better, lighter and stronger aluminum. I would love to cut 50 grams out the pistons while going completely billet.

Oil squirters for the cylinders?

Also titanium piston rings anyone? Or ringless carbon-carbon pistons curtesy of NASA.


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DJWorm said:
Any other ideas ??
You have a lot of "install NEW" items.
But you forgot the most important one: install NEW wallet. :cheers:

Actually, a great list. I really like people who "plan things out".

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Can you explain the reason for an Accusump with the dry sump oil system? I thought it wasn't really needed. (or is it just extra insurance and to pre-oil?)


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Most engine wear occurs during start up so having the Accusump to Pre Oil is an advantage.

With the dry sump system there are 2 potential problems:
1. At shut down oil is stored in the dry sump reservoir and drains out of the engine to the pan. In a conventional design oil is immediately pumped from the pan thru the filter to the engine. In the dry sump the oil is pumped from the pan to the reservoir, the oil must leave the reservoir, transit the braided SS return line, transit the internal passage to the 2 stage pump, transit the pumps 2nd stage, transit the internal passage to the filter and then to the engine oil gallery. If there is a problem in any part of the system the Accusump provides a safety margin.
2. If either or both of the pump stages fails you will loose pressure then the Accusump will save the engine.

Just because it is a dry sump doesnt mean you wont have pump failures, pick up problems, scavanging problems, leaks, line rupture, aeration, seperation, etc. (more parts = more failure points). The Accusump provides a backup to reduced pressure just as it does in a wet sump.

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I have an idea:

Don't do anything to it and just race it.

All the work has been done for a reliable weekend racing car. If you're looking for a real competition car, why on earth are you looking at a brand new $75K car that you're just going to re-do anyway?? Buy a gutted out C5 an build a race car out of that. The new Z06 chassis really has nothing over the C5 chassis. It all the bolt-on stuff that makes it better. Plus I believe the aluminum frame is against the rules in alot of competitions where the kind of engine work you're talking about would make a difference.

-Dave C. '04 Z06
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