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MAF screen removed...

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Under previous experience with my '95 Z28,I decided to remove the Mass Air Flow screen on my Z06 a few days ago. On my '95 (purchased new in Nov of '94, I ran without my MAF screen for 3 years and never had any drivability issues or problems with breaking the sensors. I was running a ram air system with a K&N filter.
Well, I can tell all first hand, I have no drivability or idle issues with the Z. I can't say for certain if there's a seat of the pants difference but getting my tires to chirp in 3rd gear at WOT seems easier to accomplish. BTW the only way to remove the MAF screen is to destroy part of it...I am not running a cold air system yet, I think I'll end up buying a simple cone-type filter and mount/float it in between the radiator shroud. One mod that looks like it'll do some good is replacement of the intake tube...I could barely fit my hand thru the stock one!
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