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On 2001-08-17 15:57, RG in Dallas spewed forth this drivel:
What are the expectations and benefits on these race wires?

We have a set that we will be testing once we get back from BG with our Z06. We also have a new plug, (recommended by someone at GM)which, coupled with the Magnecor wires, should improve the combustion process, thereby improving hp/torque and fuel economy.

Halltech is also testing a fuel additive, which is not for sale at this time, that is extremely promising. Bob Knox of this forum knows the additive well, and dynoed his Z06 at 360 RWHP with just our TRIC and this additive.

I know, most of you are thinking "more snake oil", but this is for real. It takes only 1 cc per gallon to do its thing. This product may revolutionize fuel and eliminate the need for MTBE or other "clean" additives that are making there way into our water supply.

I performance difference, and fuel economy is incredible to say the least. Understand, this is not a promo. I have no interest in this new company, but we are helping them with R&D and may ask for some volunteers from the forum to test the product. A non-disclosure would have to be signed.

Write to us at [email protected] if you have an interest in participation. We'll review and consider these requests when we return.

Jim Hall

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Jim, Hasn't Magnecors R-100 Race wires been out for a long time?? What do you have to do with the R-100's that are allready out?

What further need is there with the stock coils for more conductance in such a short wire?

The Magnecor KV85s are more than sufficient for racing with the stock ignition system, and the R-100s for anything beyond that.

Also the best plug for performance is a copper plug, due to heat dissapation etc.

This is why the NGK TR copper series like the TR55 and TR6 for nitrous are so successful.

Copper is the best conductor you can use in a plug. Silver for all intents and purposes has the same level of resistance as copper, but we all know silver wouldnt work in a plug.

I dont think anyone is going to reinvent spark plugs.

By the way, I use Magnecor KV85's on my LS1 ignition system (same as LS6), and love them.


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Anybody use the Nology set yet.

I've heard that they produce a lot of spark.

Any insights. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_confused.gif /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_confused.gif

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Kewlbrews: I think you answered your own question.

Yes they have been on the market, and our distributing them is not a revelation, but just another product.

One of the things we like is the color.

They will be precut lengths, with the straight ends, packaged and ready to install.

You're right about performance, they are the best wires around.

Plugs: The plugs I mentioned are available anywhere, but the tip was passed on to me very high up at GM, so I'll pass it on to our customers, or make them available.

They are only 1.00 a piece, so it's not profit motivated, just performance motivated.
The plugs you mentioned are also very good choices.


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