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Maisto 1:18 red Z06

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I just received it today and it is an exact duplicate of my car (red, black interior, and BSMs). The detail on it is really nice.
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just got mine today too!
pretty cool.

now if i could just get the real one!
waiting for delivery of my dig camera.
i will post some pics then if no one else has.
Go to ebay and search on z06 - there's a million of them.
They have black and red. They are $19.99 if you do the guick buy option. I bought 2 and the process was very easy.
Did anyone receive a red one from a pre-order at I am really baffled as to why I dont have my red one yet. I thought a pre-order was supposed to give you first dibs. I wont be doing that again. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_mad.gif I called about two weeks ago and they said any day, but it has been out for at least a month. I will be cancelling and getting one off e-bay soon if I dont hear anything. Sorry, just had to vent. Has anyone received one from there?
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ordered mine through Asheville Diecast.
I did order it back in February though.

On 2001-04-12 18:29, Guerro spewed forth this drivel:
Do they make Black/Black ones?
Yes,they have Black/Black now!! Along with Yellow,Silver and Red.....Now,If they would ONLY bring out the White!! I would have ALL 5 of them...Anybody seen the White Models as yet??
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