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It looks like Mallett is a non-supporting vendor, but I don't think this means I can't ask about them. I guess delete me if I'm wrong.

A good friend of mine likes convertibles and torque. He also HATES it when I spank him at the racetrack (he drives a 2003 M3 'vertible). He's been thinking of correcting his torque shortage with a Corvette (though I don't know what he'll do with the skills shortage :), and compromising on the convertible with a targa top (which also addresses issues at most race tracks that don't like convertibles with roll hoops). So he considering a Hammer from Mallett.

I have no experience with Mallett though I've seen the industry scuttle-butt like everyone else and they look like a quality operation. Plus, they've been great with him on the phone. Still, I've got some questions. If you can answer them, please do so:

1) Mallett says that the car will remain covered under GM warranty despite the head/cam package included. Does anyone know how I can verify this from GM?

2) Does anyone have personal experience with Mallett that they can share? (Please PM me if you like)

3) Does 500hp on a stock tranny/diff sound OK given that it will only be driven on the street (with occassional play) and on the racetrack - NOT the dragstrip. (Should be a great reason for GM to void the warranty I'd think)

4) Is there anything smarter that can be done with about $15k given the requirement above?

Thanks in advance for your input.
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