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Hey guys,

I've posted here before, and I am a Supra fan (even though I dont own one), and a HUGE Z06 fan as well.

I don't know if Atlanta area z06 owners meet up very often, but I think meetings are a lot of fun.

On Jan 12th at Andretti Speedlab there will be a Supra meet, and the more cars that come the better. I would love for some Z06's to come out!!

If anyone wants to come out and socialize with other car enthusiests your welcome to. I know some other people who don't have Z06's on this forum are going to come also.

The meets are always a lot of fun, sometimes everyone goes to the dyno, and all the cars go off to cruise when it gets dark.

Just something to give some thought to.

Let me know what you guys think :D
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