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Maryland Z06 Pulls 12.47 @117.4

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In a kinda spur of the moment thing, I drove out to Capitol Raceway in Crofton, Maryland this morning, thinking about running my car if I were able to borrow a helmet. Got lucky and found a loaner for the day. Nice guy with his whole family there.

Made five runs. Best was

12.47 @ 117.4 mph
60' was 2.05.

The rest were 12.5s. All traps were above 116.5.

Car is bone stock except for a Halltech Tric with CF Cobra. Stock shifter and tires (30 psi all around).

This was my first trip to the strip since 1968; so I was a little surprised and pleased with the ET & trap speed. The 60' can use some work.

My car dynoed twice bone stock at 336 hp/333 torque and 335 hp/334 torque.

Same dyno later gave me a additional 9 hp and 15 torque from the Tric.

What's interesting is the confirmation that the the Tric gives more power at speed than on a static dyno. My 117+ best trap speed would seem to bear that out.

It was a good day.

This is a sweet car.

Best to all,


Torch Red 2001 Z06
Delivered August 2000
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Congrats, Ranger...those 2 wheels I sent you add 25 Horsies!!
Nice runs!! Trap speed were really good!!

Frank Calmes Quicksilver 2001 Z06
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WOW!! Congrats..Nice run!

99 Vette:Automatic, Z51 Active Handling
Awesome - what was the temperature and humidity like. Man I wish I could launch a 2.05...

Brian - Y5116
NCM Business Member
Yellow/Black '00 Coupe
12.6 @ 115 MPH (2.14 60' time)
329RWHP/338 RWTQ

"Redshift" on
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Frank, Your wheels are still purdy too and the rear one hooks up pretty well. Thanks!!

Redshift, Thanks, Man. Temp was mid-50s; humidty was 55%. Car hooked up pretty well. Only bad thing was the run-up area was pretty wet and impossible to avoid.

Take care,

Ranger, you will probably not see better weather for drag racing. Now if only you could get the top fuel cars to run a few races right before you staged, the lanes would be sticky as hell and you would find yourself in the low 12's. But for me it's the MPH that matters, not the ET. On any given day I could probably meet or beat your ET, but certainly not your MPH. WOW!
Thanks, guys. Trap speeds surprised me too. Five runs over 116.5 including the 117.4. I think that Tric at speed gives a horsepower bump that's not apparent on the chassis dyno, where I'm only pulling SAE 345 rwhp and 349 rwt.

I'm fighting the temptation to add a set of long-tube headers (prob TTS) in pursuit of a couple more trap mph.

badtbon, You make an excellent point on weight. I've thought about that too. That why I went light on gasoline. Thanks.


Torch Red 2001 Z06
Delivered August 2000
Great runs!!!!! Must be the color.


2001 Torch Red Z06, lowered 1", flat K&N air filter and removed front section of air box, C3 black chrome shift knob, 2.2k ohm resistor to kill CAGS, Z06 floor and cargo mats, chrome acrylic Corvette lettering front and rear, steering wheel decal.

!967 convertible, 427/435hp, triple black
Very Nice....

Mark's Web Site
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Great times!!!

Can't wait till Milan Dragway opens for the spring season here in Detroit.


Red/Black Z w/Donaldson, Corsas & Lloyd Mats (so far)

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Thanks, PA and Zippy.

These Z06s need to be treated to the dragstrip at least once. You know the car is fast. But the clocks affirm in a way my assometer cannot.

Sunday was opening day at Capitol Raceway here in MD. Great variety of cars; good people, lotsa families; even one clean bathroom. Every thing we needed except a snack bar that was open.


Torch Red 2001 Z06
Delivered August 2000
Just one day at the strip: best run 12.47 @ 117.4 mph
Only mod: Halltech Tric with CF Cobra
Current dyno results (SAE) 345hp 349tq
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Wow is right! That is the fastest speed I have seen yet.

Do I smell Halltech Car of the Month?

An interesting sidebar. In 1979 the Honda CBX 6 cylinder sport bike was tested by Cycle World, and Motorcyclist Magazine and both mags ran 117 to 118 mph trap speeds with this bike. Factory HP rating was 105 Crank HP. The bike ran 11.55 @ 117.5 off the showroom floor with a 6.37 lb/HP (with rider) rating.

The Z06 with a 200lb driver has a power to weight ratio of approximately 8.16 lbs/HP with a factory output of around 404 BHP (343 RWHP average).

You would think that the motorcycle would have a much better terminal speed than the Z06, but the aerodynamics take over and the car with its .31 cd makes up for any deficit in power to weight. Our coupe has a .29 cd and with an empty tank weighs in at 3075 lbs.
(Certified scale). This car has titanium exhaust, mag wheels, Z06 tires.

At 8 lbs. per hp., for every 8 lbs of weight in your car, it is equivilent to 1 HP!. Take off your iron headers and replace them with B&Bs will net around 9 to 10 HP and save several pounds, which also reduce the power/weight ratio.

If you are 100 lbs heavier than the guy next to you in an identical car, you have just given up the equivilent to 13 HP. This is why many big guys like nitrous. The great equilizer.

2000 C5/ Halltech TRIC/MAG/LS6 Manifold/Z06 exhaust
2002 On Order.

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Great times. I hope mine runs as well......If I could only get it built!!!!!!!

Z06 Dave...... Black/Mod Red Z06 On Order
Ranger -

Excellent times. If you decide to drop in at Crofton again any time soon, drop me a note. I live just around the corner and would love to see you run. ...I haven't raced yet, but it would be cool to go get pics of two T/R Z06 going down the track /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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Sounds like a plan. I should be ready to give it another go in mid-April. I believe EMAIL told me about your car and a joint pic would be cool.

We ought to get you on the list for local notification of group racing and dyno days. I do I reach you?
Damn that's good. My best G-tech (I've only done about 6 1/4 mile launches and on a public highway at that) gives me 12.9 @ 114.5.

But I'm still pretty happy with that.
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